The Platform

Stream ID™

Identity you can trust

Decisive household mapping directly from your video player

Stream ID links multiple devices to a single household based on anonymized publisher data that excludes cookies and device identifiers. In tests, it’s been found to be up to 3x more accurate than third-party or internal graphs.

How does Stream ID™ work?

Consistent across platforms & brands

Persistent, high fidelity, household ID

Privacy-safe & de-identified for a cookieless world

Coverage for authenticated & anonymous traffic

Activation throughout marketing & ad ecosystem

The most important insight created by Conviva is our Stream ID™. Data is much more valuable when you can tie it to identity. Identity is a massive challenge for much of the industry. And critically, the Stream ID™ that we create from the Stream Sensor™ doesn’t just add data but enriches it from other sources. So if you look here, you can see your CRM system, your first party subscriber data, and experience data. We’re not just talking data from the streaming ecosystem. We’re talking about data from the rest of the ecosystem as well.

Publishers can use Stream ID™ for marketing and advertising use cases such as improving content recommendation, audience targeting, streaming measurement, and gaining deep audience insights.

Building the Stream ID™

Stream ID™ is created by analyzing streaming behavior patterns aggregated across multiple apps and devices collected by the Stream Sensor™.

It starts with cleansing the data and identifying IPs that can be matched to a residential household. For each app installation, Conviva’s SDK creates a client ID. Conviva’s proprietary machine learning graph algorithms cluster client IDs into households based on the identified primary IP. The output of the model maps household IDs with a group of client IDs.

Continuous improvement

Every stream is monitored and fed into the household model for continuous improvement. Conviva can detect when someone within a household watches content outside of a primary location, when a viewer moves out of a household, or when a whole household moved.

Consistent and persistent

Stream ID™ makes it easier for publishers to unify viewer identity across all their streaming points of distribution including brands, applications, and devices. Subscriber ID is not a mandatory input for the model, allowing Conviva to create Stream ID™ for both authenticated and anonymous traffic.

Standard data collection across all end points makes building viewer profiles for the entire book of business seamless. Stream ID™ can also be linked to the larger ad ecosystem to enrich other data sources with a valuable, viewer-level experiential data set.

Elevate your streaming