The Platform

Stream Sensor™

Insights you can trust

Real-time collection, normalization, and computation

The Stream Sensor provides comprehensive, real-time, cross-device collection of all your streaming data—which is then cleaned, standardized, and normalized—providing the most accurate information about your entire streaming audience.

Map viewers’ consumption. Democratize your content data. Turn video insights into action.

How does the Stream Sensor™ work?

Unique cross-device collection

Real-time data ingested from sensor & cloud sources

Cleaned & normalized ingested data

Computed video metrics
& metadata

Optimized data warehouse for instant storage & access

The Stream Sensor integrates directly into your app or video player and measures second-by-second viewership of content and ads, including content, device, geo, and ad metadata. Each raw video data event is transformed into a fully formed video stream with rich metadata and contextual awareness that powers analytical models.

To get an even clearer understanding of your audience, we can also ingest data, such as Experian for demographics, Gracenote or content management systems for content, and ad servers for advertising insights.

All data is cleaned and normalized into a unified, consistent data model. We then compute a wide range of streaming specific metrics and apply a household identity model to assign a Stream ID to each physical household. The data is optimized for your data warehouse or data lakes and available for instant access across our platform and through our APIs.

What makes the sensor different?

Fast implementation
Streamlined deployment
Does not affect app performance
Low code maintenance
Developer-friendly syntax
Advertising content correlation
Multi-device measurement
Data enrichment

What data do our sensors collect?


QoE Metrics Device Metadata Content Metadata Ad Metadata App Metadata
Average Bitrate Browser Content Asset Name Ad Asset Name App Name
Bandwidth Browser Name Content Stream URL Ad Stream URL App or Player Type
Concurrent Plays Browser Version Live or Non-Live Content Live or Non-Live Ad App Version
Concurrent Plays Map Media Player Framework Name Content Length Ad Length ASN
Duration versus Average Bitrate Media Player Framework Version Content Type Ad Technology Viewer Id
Duration versus Play Device Hardware Type Channel Ad Id Browser & version
Rebuffering Ratio Device Name Brand Ad System Connection Type
Ended Plays Device Marketing Name Affiliate Ad Position CDN
Exits Before Video Start Device Model Content Category Ad Type Default Resource
Failures Device Manufacturer Asset Provider Name Ad Media File Api Framework City
Rebuffered Plays Device OS Asset Id Ad Stitcher System Custom Tags
Rebuffering Ratio Device OS Version Series Name First Ad System
Resource Quality Switches Device Brand Season Number First Ad Id
Video Start Failures Device Type Episode Name / Show First Creative Id
Video Start Saves Device Category Title
Video Startup Time Episode Number
Video Startup Time Primary Genre
Distribution Genre
Wait Time Before Exit

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