22 Examples of Insanely Creative Instagram Stories

Mike Metzler

October 10, 2018

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Standing out on Instagram Stories can be hard, especially if you’re a brand. As a brand, you’re forced to compete for attention among influencers and a follower’s friends and family. What makes this even more difficult is that there is an expectation for brands on Instagram Stories to produce high quality and entertaining content on a regular basis. If your brand’s content doesn’t match up to that of a user’s friends or influencers they follow, next time your IG Story pops up you can expect they will probably just swipe next or even worse, put you on mute. Fortunately for you, we at Conviva Social Insights keep a close eye on such things and have put together an incredible list of creative brand IG Stories to draw inspiration from. Now, in no particular order, here are 22 INSANELY creative IG Stories from brands.

1) New York Public Library – Insta Novels 

New York Public Library – Insta Novels Compiled Ig Stories Screenshots In one of the most genius uses of Instagram Stories in recent memory, the New York public library started posting full-length novels on their Instagram. Viewers are instructed to hold their finger on the screen to pause the screen so they can complete the page before moving on.

2) ATTN: What Happens Next 

Compile Snapshots Of Attn: What Happens Next Ig Story Using The Poll Feature To Ask “Yes Or No” Questions. In a recurring series on their Instagram, rather than use the poll feature to ask “Yes or No” questions, Attn: has users trying to guess the outcome of various viral videos.

3) Lowes  – Coffee Bar Tap to Convert

Compile Instagram Stories Snapchats Of Lowes – Coffee Bar Tap To Convert You can always count on Lowes to make impressive “How-To” videos and this IG Story is no exception. Put together in 50+ one second videos, this story plays like a stop-motion video that can be watched by just letting it play or quickly tapping.

4) Sprite – Can Cam 

Compiled Instagram Stories Snapshots Of Sprite’s Can Cam Of The Celebrity Basketball Game

In a previous story on Sprite’s Instagram, followers got to vote on where to send various Sprite influencers. With the results in, Sprite’s can cam buzzed through the backstage of the Celebrity Basketball Game to deliver Sprite to the influencers backstage. The story gave you a behind-the-scenes look at the celeb basketball game in a way that felt creative and nontraditional.

5) Billboard – Song of the Summer Questions and Polls 

Billboard - Song Of The Summer Question And Polls Ig Story Compiled Shots. Billboard combined both the Question and Polls IG interactive features. First by sourcing responses from viewers on the Song of the Summer and second by having viewers vote on them in real time. Responses sent in by viewers were placed on their story and voted on in real time. The final frame directed viewers to their website where they could officially participate in voting for the Billboard Song of the Summer. 

6) Cisco – Boomerang Day

Compile Instagram Stories Snapshots Of Cisco – Boomerang Day Cisco put together this fun story that incorporated boomerangs from Cisco employees around the globe. It’s hard to not have fun making a Boomerang, so using this technique to incorporate people in your office who aren’t as social savvy can be a good time and lead to an entertaining story. 

7) Draft Kings – Vote for your pick

Compile Snapshot Of Draft Kings – Vote For Your Pick Instagram Stories When you have an app where the whole focus is picking between different players it’s a beautiful extension of your brand to use the voting function inside Insta Stories.  Additionally, as a Draft Kings player, the voting allows you to see who the Draft Kings community supports so you can adjust your picks accordingly.

8) Fox Sports – KICK Bait

Fox Sports Sourced Some Of The Hottest Kicks On The Field For Their Ig Story Who doesn’t love a good pun? Well, lots of people probably, but not us! To see which NFL player had the coolest cleats, Fox Sports sourced some of the hottest kicks on the field for their IG Story, creatively titled, Kick Bait.

9) Nickelodeon – Weekend Plans

Nickeloden Use Ig Slider To Ask People Their Weekend Plans On Instagram Stories Using Instagram Stories features as they weren’t intended is one of our favorite tricks here at Delmondo. This trick by Nickelodeon using the IG Slider to ask people what they are doing this weekend is a perfect creative execution of just that.

10) MLS – Giovinco vs. Morris: MLS Cup Animation


MLS created a flipbook animation to promote the upcoming MLS Cup. To view the story as seen in the video, viewers were instructed to tap the screen quickly, like a flip book, to show the full animation.

11)  NASCAR – NASCAR Throwback 

Compile IG Stories Snapchat of NASCAR Throwback using IG static-ridden old TV, Retro Graphics and All of The Throwback Paint Schemes Nascar Throwback is an event during Labor Day where racers in Darlington use throwback paint schemes. To celebrate and promote the event NASCAR created an 80’s themed Instagram Story featuring a static-ridden old TV, retro graphics and all of the throwback paint schemes to be used.

12) PGA – Then and Now 

Compile Instagram Stories Snapshots Of Pga Golfers – Then And Now PGA used the Q&A interactive feature to play a game on their story. They posted pictures of PGA golfers in high school and asked their followers to guess. They fully utilized the feature to post multiple responses, many of which were hilarious.

13) WeWork – What did you accomplish this week

Compile Snapshots Of Wework Ig Stories Ask A Question About What Did You Accomplish This Week WeWork does a weekly segment where they ask a question about what did you accomplish this week. They take responses from employees from all over the globe and showcase them on their IG Story. In this particular story, they included the WeWork CEO, prominent creative influencer, Mr. Doodle and ended with a link to a new WeWork job listing. 

14) Miami Dolphins – The Life Series

Miami Dolphins Uses Igtv Series Featuring The Life Series The Miami Dolphins take deep dives into their player’s lives in their IGTV series The Life. When the show gets posted on their IGTV they also convert the video into 15-second clips for their Stories. In this episode, Issac Asiata talks about his history and love of gaming at the Madden 18 Dolphins Club Championship. Told in one seamless video and edited beautifully, it’s a story you can pull up, set your phone down and watch all the way through.

15) Super Deluxe – Horoscopes 

Compile Instagram Snapshots Of Super Deluxe Horror Horoscopes Stories You can always expect things to get weird when viewing Super Deluxe content and these horoscopes are no exception. Done on a weekly basis, their horoscopes are laugh out loud funny and make a nearly perfect piece of shareable content.

16) MTV – Life Advice

Compile Instagram Stories Snapchats of MTV – Life Advice Life Advice is a reoccurring segment on the MTV Instagram Stories. MTV sources questions from Instagram and Twitter and has the celebrity answer the questions on Stories. The highlights of the responses are animated and put on screen for anyone possibly watching with sound off.

17) Tastemade – Cupcake Nails

Tastemade Beautiful Cupcake Nail Art IG Stories Compilation This story by Tastemade is about as visually pleasing as an IG Story can get. The story goes through the step by step process of turning your nails into beautiful cupcake art.

18) CCM – Making a Custom Skate

Compiled shots of steps on how to CCM - Making a Custom Skate High-resolution pictures of this detailed behind the scenes process makes this story a must watch for any hockey fan. The story goes through in great detail, including manufacturing, how a custom skate gets made for CCM’s sponsored players.

19) Windows – How to Use the Concepts App

Microsoft Device Quick Guide On How To Use Digital Pen In order to showcase the Concepts app, available on Microsoft devices, they created a “How-To” story that mimicked what it is like to use the app itself including time-lapse drawings, actual overlays and menus from the app itself. The story ended with a swipe up link to get the Concepts app.

20) Propel Fitness Water – Would You Rather

Compile Instagram Stories Snapshots Of Propel Fitness Water - Would You Rather Integrating influencers into your Stories in ways that are fun and do not feel forced can be a challenge. This story is a great example of how to creatively integrate an influencer, be fun and educate your followers. Propel used the voting feature to ask silly work out questions and followed it up by the advice and opinion of a fitness influencer who answered the questions on camera.

21) AT&T – Love Loud Festival Transitions

Compile Instagram Stories Snapshots of AT&T – Love Loud Festival Transitions AT&T brought a number of influencers and content creators to Love Loud Festival for a social activation to promote their Live Stream of the event. To introduce the influencers they created a very engaging story featuring the influencers dancing with incredibly creative transitions. The seamless execution of the transitions between influencers is what makes this story special.

22) Red Bull – Tap to Land Snowboard 

Compile Ig Stories Snapchat Of Red Bull – Using "Tap" Feature Tap To Land Snowboard We are big stop-motion fans here at Conviva so Tap/Stop Motion stories have a special place in our hearts. This one by Red Bull manages to differentiate itself by using actual video footage to craft a unique tapping experience.

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