5 Interesting Stats from the NBA Re-Opening

By Mike Metzler

August 5, 2020

nba top 10 social media engagements on opening weekend

Sports are officially back! The NBA jumped back into their season this past weekend, to the elation of basketball fans everywhere. The league has 22 of the 30 teams returning to determine playoff seeding with teams quarantined in a closed “bubble” that has, so far, proved effective in keeping out COVID-19. The bubble has obvious benefits to the safety and health of the players and staff, but is not without challenges. Fewer staff on the ground and the inability to share closed or confined spaces with players for an extended time means NBA social marketers will need to get increasingly creative when crafting content during the remainder of the season. However, if the content coming out of the bubbles during the first weekend is any indication of how the rest of the season will go, the teams should be just fine. Here are 5 interesting stats from the NBA re-opening weekend.

Lakers in the Lead

Not only did the Lakers grab the number one seed in the playoffs but they also led the league in total cross-platform engagements with 5.7 million engagements across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. The Rockets came in a distant second with 2.3 million cross-platform engagements.


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King waited 143 days for that one 💥

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Active on Instagram

New Orleans Pelicans Instagram fans are excited to see Zion back in action. The team charted the highest engagement rate of any team on Instagram over the weekend at 2.02%. By comparison, the league average engagement rate on Instagram was .81%.


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We got things clickin’ at the half 💪

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The Lake Show

The Los Angeles Lakers Instagram took all top 10 content spots over the weekend as ranked by post engagements. Their most popular post, a video highlight of Lebron playing defense, scored an insane 425k likes.


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Bron getting it done on both sides of the floor 🛡⚔️

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They’ve Been Busy

During the shutdown, the Milwaukee Bucks increased their total cross-platform audience by 5.2%, the largest percentage increase in the league. The Houston Rockets were not far behind, touting a 4.8% total increase. The New Orleans Pelicans came in third with 4.3%. The average cross-platform audience increase for all teams during the shutdown was 1.7%.


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EQUALITY #BlackLivesMatter

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Less Content Across the Board

On average, NBA teams produced less content as compared to the last Thursday – Sunday time period before the shutdown (March 5-8th). This past weekend, teams produced 16% fewer posts and 22% fewer videos than the last weekend the season was in session.


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