Conviva Ad Insights

Maximize Revenues with Real-time Video Ad Delivery and Experience Measurement

Ad Insights continuously measures all video ads to provide complete visibility into delivery and quality of experience (QoE) to maximize revenues and viewer experiences.

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Conviva dashboard
  • Identify Ad Delivery Issues
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  • Monitor Ad QoE
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  • Track Viewer Engagement
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Key Benefits

Grow Video Ad Revenues

Real-time visibility into video ad delivery failures to resolve issues faster to reduce inventory waste and mitigate under-delivery.

Improve Video Ad Quality of Experience (QoE)

Monitor video ad QoE to provide high quality viewing experiences, improve viewer engagement, and increase overall time spent.

Combat Ad Fatigue

Find the optimal mix of video ad breaks and content to maximize revenues while delivering the best possible viewing experiences. Learn more

Key Features

Continuous and Real-Time Measurement of Every Video Ad Session

  • Heartbeat measurement of all video ad sessions provides immediate visibility into ad delivery workflows to detect failures, playback problems, and timeouts.

Comprehensive Video Ad Measurement Capabilities

  • Granular video ad QoE data and built-in alerting to detect quality degradations in real time. Useful diagnostic data allows ops teams to troubleshoot issues quickly and minimize viewer impact.

Actual Viewer Intelligence for Optimizing Ad Breaks

  • A/B test ad break position, duration, frequency, and placement within content for visibility into viewer engagement and abandonment to build ad break best practices.

Why is Continuous Ad Measurement Critical for Growing Revenues?

Event-Based Video Ad Measurement

Event based video ad measurement graph

Event-based measurement only captures beacons and is non-continuous.

  • Only detects the start and end points of a video ad
  • No ad delivery diagnostics such as loading delays and playback experiences

Continuous Video Ad Measurement

with Ad Insights

Continuous video ad measurement graph

Conviva's advanced sensors power continuous measurement from ad request to ad completion for all video ads.

Get visibility into:
  • Broken video ad creatives
  • Video ad delivery workflow efficiency
  • Viewer experience and engagement

Ad Insights continuously measures the entire ad viewing experience so publishers can mitigate video ad delivery issues and improve viewing experiences to grow revenues.

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