Ad Sales Teams

Make more money

Target better outcomes and increase your value with data-driven insights.

Media and ad sales planning

Simplify data,

improve sales

Understand and segment your audience with deduplicated cross-platform reach and frequency to maximize ad revenue.

Audience Segmentation

Deduplicated Reach and Frequency

Cookieless data verification

Take control of your data

Benefit from your first-party data set, with third-party verficiation, to transact in the post-cookie world.

Privacy Compliant

programmatic monetization

Optimize your campaigns

Control what data is shared in the programmatic bid stream, test out new strategies, and drive revenue utilizing contextual data and persistent identifiers.

Contextual Targeting

Programmatic Targeting & Reporting

Unique identity

One identity across platforms and brands

Unify data across all your properties to scale ad campaigns while managing reach and frequency.

Stream ID™

Cross-Platform measurement

Get the full picture

Combine streaming and linear viewership data to get a true read on your direct and programmatic ad performance.

Stream Data as a Service

Cross Platform Measurement

Ready to put your streaming ad data to work for you?