Advertising Insights

Make more money

Understand your audience to drive revenue.

Solve your identity and measurement challenges

Rely on dependable household mapping directly from your video player.

Stream ID™

Household Mapping

Unify identity everywhere you stream

Deduplicate your audience across properties, brands, and applications for planning and post-buy measurement.

Deduplicated Reach and Frequency

Unifying Audience Data

Activate your data across the ecosystem

Drive more ad sales by integrating your streaming data wherever you need it.

Internal Data Lakes


Programmatic Contextual Metadata

Cross-platform Measurement

Win more deals with insights you can trust

Leverage your viewer-level data with Conviva verification to build advertiser confidence.

Customizable Dashboards

Audience Segmentation

Advertising Insights Features

Make more money

Understand your audience to drive revenue.

Stay in control without third-party data or IDs

Rely on a consistent, persistent ID that supports all your streaming advertising use cases, built with AI and machine learning algorithms using multiple data points already collected from your video player, cleaned, and normalized via our Stream Sensor.

Stream Sensor™


Deepen the Understanding of your Audience: Privacy-safe Segmentation

Build the identity foundation to increase your streaming ad revenue

Unify your anonymous and logged-in traffic and map it across channels, content, devices, demographics, geographic metadata, and more for the household identity you need to effectively capture linear TV ad dollars.

Stream ID™

“It’s time to move on from 1:1 targeting, with growing concerns over privacy and the challenge of scaling those campaigns, and think about how we can align ads with the content that viewers enjoy and trust.”

Scott McDonald, President & CEO, Advertising Research Foundation (ARF)

Build confidence with buyers

Understand the true reach of a campaign and monitor audience frequency with reliable household mapping across all devices and a persistent ID, so brands and agencies can spend with confidence.


The Data Gap

Report: State of Streaming Advertising

59% of viewers agreed there are too many streaming ads repeated during the same break or episode

Overcome audience fragmentation with a holistic view

Increase streaming ad CPM by unifying highly fragmented streaming audiences across numerous properties, channels, genres, devices, and more and linking that intelligence to your internal first-party data as well as third-party data such as Experian, Axciom, and Gracenote.


Publishers: The New Tech Companies

White paper

How to Navigate the Search for an Audience Measurement Solution for Advertising

Feed your data and identity strategy

Obtain control of your most valuable assets, data, and identity, and feed that intelligence to internal data lakes, without third parties controlling your destiny and your ability to make money in streaming advertising.

Stream ID™


Putting Publishers in Control of Streaming Advertising Data


How Publishers can Lead the Measurement Revolution

Understand your true reach

Show brands and agencies reach among individual viewers in addition to households to help ad sellers monetize streaming inventory using the same reporting techniques as they do for linear TV, by linking Stream ID™ to your preferred co-viewing partner.

Case study



Why a Streaming-first Technology is so Important for Your Ad Business

Provide buyers the context they want to spend confidently

Drive revenue by sharing contextual metadata detail with buyers so they can place their brand adjacent to the channels or genres most suited to driving ROI from their programmatic spend.

Report: State of Streaming Advertising

66% of buyers will increase programmatic spend if publishers share contextual data.

“By partnering with Conviva to offer connected TV advertisers with even more data than what’s available in linear TV, we are opening up a new world of opportunity while maintaining the control and safeguards that are desired by both publishers and brands.”

Michelle Hulst, COO, The Trade Desk

Combine your streaming and linear audiences

Drive more dollars through up fronts or reserved buys with Stream ID™ linking your linear and streaming audiences to provide a single rating for brands and buyers.


Accelerate Streaming Ad Revenue with First-Party Data


Top Three Features to Look for in a Streaming Ad Measurement Solution

Pre-planning and post-buy reporting, just the way you need it

Surface the insights you need for buyers and agencies in customizable dashboards to support planning and respond to RFPs, then deliver post-buy reports to substantiate value and line up the next campaign.

Report: State of Streaming Advertising

Just 39% of buyers agreed that they have the data needed to run campaigns on streaming

Deliver audience with both industry-standard and proprietary segments

Enable your ad sales team to become consultative sellers with Conviva’s proprietary consumption segments, Experian demographic segments, or proprietary data based on your audience to better package your inventory and capture more ad dollars.

“Instead of allowing their consumers to be tracked across other sites, [publishers] will become their own walled gardens with highly defined audiences available for advertisers to target in compliant and scalable ways.”

Jane Clarke, CEO, Managing Director, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM)


Audience Segmentation in the Streaming Space


The Future of Streaming Audience Intelligence

Leverage new audience segmentation informed by streaming behavior

Support tune-in campaigns and drive increased ad spend from video-centric advertisers with segments based on streaming behavior such as light viewers, heavy viewers, bingers, sports loyalists, and more.


Deepen the Understanding of your Audience: Privacy-safe Segmentation

“We see enormous potential in customizing our outreach and content strategies for viewers in every market. Conviva supports us to deepen understanding of the consumer’s viewing content preferences and behaviors to continue to deliver the best entertainment experience.”

Allen Hankins, AVP OTT and Digital Technology, Vrio (formerly DirectTV Latin America)

Scale streaming like linear TV with demographics

Link to larger cross-media campaigns in linear TV, digital, print, and radio with combined internal demographics and Experian demographic audience segments for a broader scope.

Stream ID™

“With Conviva, we have a much deeper understanding of what, where, when, how our viewers are streaming. As we continue investing in the evolution of Warner Media, and unlocking opportunities for growth across our brands, Conviva will remain a strategic partner for us.”

Robert Jones, VP Data Platforms and Strategy Operations, WarnerMedia

Extend your streaming ad data to the places you need it most

Provide brands and agencies third-party measurement reporting or move data to internal destinations where it can be combined with other information to help fuel your company’s overall streaming goals, using StreamID™ as a linking variable.

Stream CDP™


Engineering Challenge: Analyzing Streaming Advertising Impacts using Play Head Time

Protect your audience, protect yourself

Remain in full control of your data and identity and help protect everyone in the process with an application that does not rely on device IDs or third-party cookies and is built with GDPR and CCPA in mind.

Report: State of Streaming Advertising

Only 31% of consumers are confident their privacy is being protected by streaming advertisers


Putting Publishers in Control of Streaming Advertising Data

White paper

Deepen the Understanding of your Audience: Cross-platform Measurement and Privacy-safe Segmentation

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