7 Ideas To Lower TCO of Your Technology Infrastructure

Streaming services, by nature, have high overhead costs because of the massive technology infrastructure they need to deliver video to viewers around the globe. Strategic use of a streaming analytics platform has the potential to lower the total cost of ownership of your streaming business — all while optimizing your operations and increasing revenue.

Key takeaways:

    • Adopt Conviva’s innovative analytics model for data storage and processing cost savings.
    • Reduce operational and resolution expenses through content delivery network optimization.
    • Boost brand image and cut costs by enhancing call center efficiency.
    • Discover and eliminate hidden expenses by improving Quality of Experience (QoE).

1. Unleash the Power of AI: Balancing Issue Resolution and Optimization

Successful streaming enterprises must balance issue resolution and optimization. Conviva has two services to support these core functions:

    • AI Alerts: This function supports break-fix teams as they resolve issues in real-time. It alerts key people to the existence of issues, lets them drill down into root causes, and even suggests resolution workflows.
    • Automatic Insights: Automatic insights are similar to AI alerts but for empowering optimization teams. These AI-powered intelligent insights give teams visibility into the issues that might be holding back optimization efforts.

By balancing optimization and issue resolution, you can retain your audience while building an efficient, stable service for the future. Conviva makes this possible by streamlining the discovery and resolution processes across your operations teams.

2. Mastering Multi-CDN Configuration for Cost Savings

Most streaming services use multiple content delivery services. Optimizing these configurations is an excellent way to reduce costs.

You need robust data to make good decisions about content delivery network (CDN) routing and configurations. Conviva provides that data for every user, every stream, and every app session.

Of course, you don’t have to do this all manually. Conviva allows your CDN teams to set up AI-powered traffic routing rules to drive viewer traffic to the most optimal CDN based on cost and experience.

The end-to-end nature of Conviva streaming analytics lets you link delivery to quality of experience. You can make data-driven decisions and automate processes to build your audience, lower operational costs, and reduce incoming service calls.

3. Optimize Key QoE Metrics

Low QoE is often a sign of inefficiency somewhere in your operations. That means optimizing QoE often also lowers TCO.

For instance, take how you deal with periods of high peak volume or volatility. With Conviva, you can build systems and generate responses to prepare and plan for changes in your streaming viewership.

Many factors influence QoE, and Conviva measures the entire experience.

Imagine this: You’re streaming the final match of the UEFA Champions League when you start to see issues with a major CDN. You can automatically reroute traffic, resulting in improvements in viewer QoE and a potential reduction in CDN costs.

Conviva empowers you to reroute only the most highly affected audience segments by providing up-to-the-minute QoE analytics across all viewer sessions at scale. Your costs would generally be much higher if you took a less targeted approach, such as switching all traffic over to another delivery route.

A final point about QoE: All of these cost-cutting optimizations may also help you increase revenue. Increased QoE often correlates with increased ad performance and reduced subscriber churn rates.

4. Use the Right Technology

Simply using the correct analytics technology could lower your costs considerably. Conviva is built for streaming analytics at big data scale. Among other things, this lowers data transfer and processing costs.

The difference becomes more noticeable as you scale up your operations. Using the right technology drastically lowers costs on regional, national, and global scales.

Using cutting-edge analytics also lowers costs in another way. It gives you the insights you need to make cost-reduction decisions across all aspects of your organization by allowing you to efficiently collect detailed data on every stream.

5. Reduce Your Dependency on Data Warehouses and Cloud Service Vendors

Traditional data warehouses can complicate the analytics for streaming enterprises. Complex metrics such as identifying the cause of buffering events can require custom-engineered solutions and a dedicated data team, adding unnecessary costs.

In contrast, Conviva offers a streamlined approach with its time-state model of analytics, making it easier to understand the context of viewer experiences. This helps in reducing costs associated with data processing and storage.

Similarly, while cloud services play an essential role in large enterprises, the scope of these services can inflate costs. Conviva provides valuable insights into your service infrastructure, enabling intelligent, cost-effective decisions about cloud services.

Rather than relying solely on familiarity and brand recognition, you’ll have the tools and data necessary to optimize your service delivery based on cost, quality, and efficiency. This reduces dependency on expensive cloud service vendors, leading to significant cost savings.

6. Empower Your Call Center

Customer service can be a major cost for your company, and if not done right it can keep viewers from ever returning to your service. Reducing call times is critical to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

One way to do this is by giving your call center the ability to identify root causes of issues quickly. This allows agents to diagnose and solve a viewer’s issue in real-time, allowing the user to get back to streaming faster.

Conviva gives call center representatives the ability to drill down to the cause of an issue with a couple of clicks. This drastically reduces the amount of time and effort that representatives spend per call.

This also has the added benefit of better brand perception. Customers stay with companies that make customer service work.

7. Target Performance Outliers Proactively

Targeting outliers helps you raise your overall quality of experience. Along the way, it can also help you reduce your costs.

QoE outliers can give you clues into inefficiencies in your service. For example, some might have to do with compatibility with specific end-user devices, while others might stem from a poorly performing content delivery service.

If the outliers come from your delivery infrastructure, fixing them should eliminate issues that increase customer care cost or represent overspending on cloud services. In addition to lowering costs, it should also help you retain outlying segments of your audience by providing an excellent viewer experience.

Cut Costs With Conviva

In conclusion, Conviva offers an all-encompassing solution to streaming enterprises seeking to cut costs and enhance operational efficiency. With features like AI-driven analytics, optimized CDN configurations, and efficient customer service solutions, Conviva provides a comprehensive, data-driven approach to cost reduction. These strategies don’t just lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), but also boost your Quality of Experience (QoE), leading to happier audiences, increased ad performance, and reduced subscriber churn rates.

From minimizing data warehousing and cloud vendor dependencies to empowering your customer service representatives with real-time insights, the advantages of Conviva are extensive. By pinpointing inefficiencies in your service and rectifying them proactively, you don’t just save on costs but also deliver a seamless streaming experience to your users.

In the fiercely competitive world of streaming services, Conviva stands out as a game-changing tool. A solution that not only helps you streamline operations but also enhances viewer satisfaction, ultimately paving the way for your business to thrive in this fast-paced industry.

Remember, every business decision should be driven by precise, accurate data. With Conviva, you’re not just making decisions – you’re making the right decisions.

So why wait? Experience the benefits of Conviva firsthand. Schedule a call to see a live demo today and propel your streaming service into the future.