Brand Guide


The Conviva logo is constructed of a glyph and stylized logotype in a simple and powerful presentation. The preferred approach is to use the glyph and wordmark together when possible.

The glyph

The hex glyph is one of Conviva’s most important visual assets. It’s box within a box construction evokes our proprietary kernel of science as a ubiquitous presence in devices all over the world.

Logo display

The Conviva logo should work across all media. Using the full-color logo is preferred. However, in some cases a full-color logo may not be practical or possible.

For these instances use a reversed white logo as a secondary option. The style you choose will depend on the environment in which the logo appears. When the logo is placed on a photo or color, there must be enough contrast for the logo to be clearly read. So whether the Conviva logo appears on the web, TV, in print, or on a product, you have design flexibility to adapt the logo to its appropriate context.

Primary Version


Reversed on solid color


Reversed on photo background


Clear space

To preserve the integrity and visual impact of the Conviva logo, always maintain adequate clear space around it. The clear space around the logo is an integral part of its design, and ensures the readability and impact of the logo. The minimum clear space is defined as “x,” measured by the height of the glyph. The minimum clear space of x should always be applied. Try to maximize clear space whenever possible.

Minimum size

To ensure that the Conviva logo reproduce legibly at smaller scales, the logo should not be reproduced smaller than 1 inch in width.

Correct Usage

Do not use the Conviva logo in ways that are inconsistent with the brand guidelines.

Do not use the old logo.

Do not use extra effects.

Do not change the color except when in accordance with logo rules.

Do not change the orientation of the logo.

Do not change the logo font.

Do not distort the logo.


Please use vector versions of the Conviva logo when possible.