Exceed Viewer Expectations With Streaming Video Analytics.

With Conviva’s AI-driven platform you get the granular, accurate and actionable insights to maximize engagement, reduce churn and grow revenue. If you’re serious about video, every second matters, every experience is unique, and real-time is a must.

See the Full Picture

Dive into the granular details of a single session with second-by-second reporting or see the big picture at a glance. Give your entire organization a complete, multidimensional understanding of the viewer experience.

Shorten Resolution Time

Get incredibly responsive on-demand filtering with ad-hoc analysis. Instantly access rich experience and engagement analytics utilizing intuitive navigation to pinpoint and reach rapid resolution for video stream disruptions that impact engagement.

Benchmark What Matters

Utilize global intelligence based on Conviva’s unmatched scale of 150 billion streams per year, 1 trillion data events per day in 180 countries. Get expansive historical data accessibility and granularity to inform your business decisions and focus on the areas that matter most.

Automate QoE Optimization with Precision

Improve the viewer experience utilizing real-time, AI-driven decision-making with Conviva Precision. Guarantee quality of experience and optimize your CDN strategy with preemptive, automatic intelligence and CDN routing. Learn more.

Trusted by leading content providers
“To stay ahead in the streaming TV market, you have to keep pushing the boundaries of technology innovation and building for what’s next. Sling has done that many times over, most recently with our next-generation architecture. Conviva has repeatedly set the standards for real-time streaming media intelligence and does it again with the latest generation of Experience Insights."
— Christine Weber, Sr. VP of Engineering, Sling TV
“As a rapidly expanding global sports broadcaster, data forms a central role in our continued success. With each new market launch, it’s crucial that we understand the territory-specific nuances of user behavior, device demographics and platform infrastructure in real-time. To deliver the world class service that our passionate subscribers expect of live sport streaming, we choose Conviva as our key strategic partner"
— Nick Grimwood, Operations, DAZN
“Conviva’s comprehensive streaming measurement data has been a trusted source of truth for our streaming platform.”
— Tone Krohn Clausen, Chief Product & Digital Officer, Canal Digital
“Hulu’s rapidly scaling business requires a deep and detailed view of our video and customer systems. Through our partnership with Conviva, Hulu is able to gather granular insights in real-time across our live and on-demand services that help keep us at the top of our game.”
— David Baron, VP of Content Business Operations and Digital Supply, Hulu

Customize to Your Business

Select modules to unlock additional analytic capabilities such as AI-powered alerting and competitive benchmarking as well as customized, data-driven insights for your entire business including marketing, business intelligence, sales, customer support and subscriber care.

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