Over the past year we have seen a major shift on Twitter from just 280 characters of text and photos to premium video becoming a force in telling powerful stories. We’ve seen customers use video to document a global pandemic, inform the truth about US elections, give a voice to social justice and racial equality movements, and build lasting engagement with sports fans who were forced to watch their favorite sports on the couch instead of in the stadium.

With the growth of new (and longer) video strategies by brands, publishers, and media companies comes the need for more robust video metrics to analyze the performance of video engagement. That’s why today we’re excited to announce the addition of Twitter Media Studio analytics to Conviva’s social analytics. Instead of just focusing on the number of “video views/plays” a video receives, users can see which videos drove longer average watch times, or greater completion rates for improving video engagement.

“We appreciate Conviva’s continued partnership and updates such as Conviva’s Twitter Video analytics help create smart solutions for our business needs across both our NHL and AHL properties. Conviva helps align and inform our internal and external stakeholders while providing assistance in guiding our social strategies and goal of achieving a comprehensive data-driven decision-making process.”

 – Kris Knief, Director of Business Intelligence, Black Knight Sports & Entertainment

With this new offering, users have increased visibility with in-depth data about how their videos perform on Twitter, including critical metrics such as:

  • Video Completion %
  • Average Watch Time
  • Video Quartile Retention
  • Promoted Twitter Videos Data

These new additions build on Conviva’s existing Twitter analytics offering, and we’ve heard great feedback from partners about how we’re helping their business save time, create more engaging content, and drive revenue by using the most comprehensive Twitter data for owned content in a single platform.

For more information, or if you’d like a demo of our cross-platform social analytics dashboard, please visit https://www.conviva.com/social-insights.

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