Conviva Social Insights Brings Social Media Content Measurement to Streaming TV Publishers

November 28, 2018

by Bill Demas, Conviva CEO

Social platforms are powerful engagement channels for streaming TV publishers. Facebook alone is responsible for over 100 million hours of video consumption every day. Social is clearly a major driver behind the skyrocketing growth of streaming TV.

However, the ability to accurately measure video impact on social has eluded most streaming publishers. To borrow a line from the legendary John Wanamaker, they know that half the money they spend on social promotion is wasted; the trouble is, they don’t know which half! That is, until now.

Today, I am thrilled to announce our acquisition of Delmondo and the launch of Conviva Social Insights. The newest addition to our measurement and intelligence suite, Conviva Social Insights provides our customers with content and audience intelligence across every major social media platform, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. With Conviva Social Insights complementing Conviva’s Video AI Platform, streaming TV publishers can build a unified view of video consumption and audience data across streaming TV apps, the web, and social media. This 360° view will reveal the true drivers of the viewer journey and inform a publisher’s distribution strategy across social platforms.

There’s no doubt that social media provides streaming TV publishers with a tremendous opportunity to grow viewership, engagement, and revenue. With Conviva Social Insights, publishers will have the measurement and intelligence solution that enables them to effectively compete with the most data-savvy publishers and distribution platforms.