Conviva’s Latest Social Innovation: TikTok® Analytics

By Bill Demas, CEO

May 21, 2020

Today we are proud to announce Conviva TikTok® Analytics is now available in Conviva Social Insights, furthering Conviva Social Insights as the most comprehensive social media intelligence in the market. Conviva is the first and only company to offer marketers the ability to view all their social platforms in one dashboard. In this latest industry-first offering, customers can now measure TikTok® alongside Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube for a true cross-platform view.

TikTok® has seen an exponential ascent, with more than 800 million monthly users and over two billion global downloads. Andi Perelman, Senior Director, New Media, Pittsburgh Penguins may have said it best in Conviva’s TikTok® Strategy & Benchmark Guide:

TikTok® is still new for us, so it’s all about testing. What will work on the platform? What will work for an audience that is primarily finding our content on the ‘For You’ page rather than by following the Pittsburgh Penguins’ account? It’s all new territory.

With so much opportunity, contrasted with the unknown, Conviva is your partner, providing critical information to enable your success on TikTok® and beyond.

Since launching Conviva Social Insights nearly 18 months ago, we’ve experienced significant customer momentum. It has been our pleasure to see the social success stories Conviva has enabled for sports franchises and brands like Cirque du Soleil, NASCAR, NFL teams, and TED, as well as among streaming publishers like CW, Fox Sports, MTV, and Viacom.

To further support our streaming customers, we are continuing to invest in social video analytics. This enables publishers to understand how their social initiatives, including on TikTok®, impact their owned and operated channels. Later this year we look forward to sharing more on how we will continue to inform content analytics utilizing social media data from Conviva Social Insights.