Case Study: Integrated Media Company

Learn how this integrated media organization used Conviva's unique combination of consulting, retention analysis, industry benchmarking, and performance reports to grow revenue and reduce churn.
Conviva's Integrated Media Organization Case Study, blue Cinviva logo on right

Publisher Profile

  • An integrated media organization and recognized leader in global entertainment
  • Creates and delivers original, family-friendly content 52 weeks a year to a global audience of more than 650 million homes on its television, pay-per-view, digital media, and publishing platforms
  • Award-winning network is a pioneering 24/7 direct-to-consumer premium network, currently available in more than 175 countries


A 17% increase in subscriber churn caused the company’s stock price to fall about 10% after an earnings release. Unsurprisingly, investors were concerned about what the company intended to do to grow revenue and address the increasing churn issue.


To address revenue growth, the publisher’s strategy was to distribute the network in more markets, including India, Japan, Germany, China, Thailand, and the Philippines, as well as expand distribution platforms. Conviva’s Experience Insights helped the company’s expansion planning and execution decisions by answering questions such as:

  • How do viewers consume content in target markets?
  • What devices, platforms, and operating systems are most popular?
  • How should content be expected to perform?
  • What are the right quality of experience (QoE) KPIs to target?
  • Which content delivery networks (CDN) perform best?

By equipping the publisher with answers to these questions, Conviva enabled the publisher to accelerate their global expansion initiative.

Another component of the strategy was to release new content, new features, and better leverage social media to acquire and retain subscribers. Conviva provided a detailed retention analysis quantifying the impact of QoE on retention.


The retention analysis confirmed that over 12% or 2.13 million unique users were impacted by poor quality performance and those who were impacted were 10% less likely to return. With this analysis in hand, in the period of seven months, the publisher retained 154,000 unique users who would have otherwise churned. Conviva was also able to identify a predictable churn pattern and provide a list of subscribers at risk for churn. In addition to this invaluable insight, the technological culprits within their delivery chain that were having the most significant impact on QoE were surfaced and managed.

The unique combination of consulting, retention analysis, industry benchmarking, and performance reports helped the publisher grow revenue and reduce churn.


2.13 million viewers identified at risk of churn

154,000 viewers retained through improved QoE

$1.5M saved revenue due to addressing quality-related churn

63% of the audience in India used desktops to watch programming so the publisher was able to focus on those devices to optimize

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