Experience Insights

Maximize Viewer Engagement and Satisfaction

Experience Insights delivers key viewer experience and video engagement metrics, giving publishers the accurate, timely, and actionable intelligence that is needed to maximize viewer satisfaction.

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Key Benefits

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Shorten Resolution Time with Video AI Alerts

Publishers have a short window to resolve streaming video quality issues before a viewer abandons content. Video AI Alerts instantly detects anomalies, notifies publishers, and provides root cause and diagnostics in real time, significantly shortening resolution time.

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Multi-Dimensional Look Into Viewer Experience

Experience Insights monitors on-demand and live events in real time and provides instant access to rich experience and engagement data and analytics for streaming video. Publishers can dig deep into the details of each viewing session or zoom out for a complete view of the viewer experience with powerful analytical and visualization capabilities.

Experience Insights Modules

Conviva offers multiple add-on modules to enhance the core Experience Insights product and extend its analytic capabilities to other functional groups across the business – including marketing, business intelligence, sales, CRM, customer support, and subscriber care.

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Product Modules

  • Video AI Alerts
  • Ecosystem Module
  • Viewer Module
  • Multi-View Account Module
  • Live Events Insights
  • Experience Benchmarks
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Report Modules

  • Competitive Benchmark Reports
  • Event Reports
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Data Modules

  • Session Source Data
  • Viewer Module API
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What We Measure

Player state data and rich meta data fall into roughly four categories: quality of experience (QoE), viewer engagement, content metadata, and infrastructure metadata. Conviva collects over 50 of these metrics by default and allows for the extension by use of custom metadata definitions.

icon QoE Metrics


  • Average Bitrate
  • Bandwidth
  • Concurrent Plays
  • Concurrent Plays Map
  • Duration Versus Average Bitrate
  • Duration Versus Play Rebuffering Ratio
icon Audience Engagement


  • Minutes per Play
  • Plays
  • Top Content for Last 15 Minutes
  • Top Content Summary
  • Top Rising Content for Last 30 Minutes
  • Total Attempts
icon Content Metadata


  • Asset Name
  • Genre
  • Length
  • Custom Tags per Stream
  • Channel/Site
  • Show, Season and Episode
icon Infrastructure Metadata


  • CDN
  • ASN
  • Error Name
  • City
  • Device OS and Version
  • App or Player Type
  • ...
Experience Benchmarks