Teal Hexagon With Line Chart SymbolExperience Insights

Deliver better video experiences

Address issues in real-time to keep viewers engaged.

Make clear decisions with clean data

Continuously analyze, monitor, and optimize performance with the single source of truth in quality of experience (QoE).

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Stream Sensor™

“Conviva’s comprehensive streaming measurement data has been a trusted source of truth for our streaming platform.”

Tone Krohn Clausen, Chief Product and Digital Officer, Canal Digital

Scale without compromise

With lightning fast data retrieval and granular analysis leveraging petabytes of data, we scale as fast as you can.

“Hulu’s rapidly scaling business requires a deep and detailed view of our video and customer systems. With Conviva, Hulu is able to gather granular insights in real-time across our live and on-demand services that help keep us at the top of our game.”

David Baron, VP of Content Business Operations and Digital Supply, Hulu

Sense issues before they become problems

Benefit from real-time alerting and proactive issue resolution with AI models trained by trillions of data events per day.

“The automatic configuration and diagnostic root cause analysis data delivered with every alert has proved incredibly effective for HBO.”

Vikrant Kelkar, Site Reliability Lead, HBO

Intelligent Alerting

CDN Optimization

Combine the tools you love

Enrich your enterprise data with turnkey integrations for business intelligence, IT service management, customer care, and marketing automation.

Experience Insights Features

Deliver flawless video experiences

Address issues in real-time to keep viewers engaged.

End-to-end visibility and control

Proactively identify issues with real-time performance monitoring of on-demand and live events before viewers are impacted.

An outline of an eye with a light blue hexagon in the center. Centered in the blue hexagon is a teal monitor line of varying heights.

“Conviva has repeatedly set the standards for real-time media intelligence and does it again now with the latest generation of Experience Insights.”

Christine Weber, Senior VP of Engineering, Sling


OTT 101: Your Guide to Streaming Metrics that Matter


Optimizing Video Analytics

Intuitive Troubleshooting

Diagnose and resolve issues faster by understanding the cumulative impacts of device, CDN, player, ISP, geo, content, and more with multi-dimensional filters.

Two hexagons of varying shades of blue overlap with a solid blue triangle in the center. This triangle has a dark exclamation point in the center to show an alert.

“It’s crucial that we understand the territory-specific nuances of user behavior, device demographics and platform infrastructure in real-time. To deliver the world class service that our passionate subscribers expect of live sport streaming, we choose Conviva as our key strategic partner.”

Nick Grimwood, Operations, DAZN


OTT 101: Top 5 Metrics that Matter for Tech Ops

“We find that static dashboards are really, really limiting, they really don’t let you get down to the root cause. Conviva lets you do a great job letting you drill down and continually add filters to get to the root cause.”

Bryce Fisher-Fleig, CBS - Lead Video Software Engineer

Case study

Integrated Media Organization

Automate incident response and workflows

Reduce operating expenses and save time with proactive, AI-driven alerts that automatically initiate incident resolution workflows.

A solid blue video screen in the bottom right corner. The screen has a blue outlined hexagon over the top left corner. At the very top of the graphic is a blue alert triangle.

“There is no tolerance for technical issues when it’s a large-scale live — really any live — event … things where it needs to work and if something goes wrong, having that information in seconds as opposed to minutes is really critical. Conviva has played a role in our ability to have that confidence and to be reactive to any incidents that do come up.”

SVP, product


Analytics Should Do the Work For You

White paper

How to Deliver Better Video Experiences

Rely on a single SDK for content and ads

Understand the impact of ad delivery on content engagement with the same granular QoE monitoring for both.

A browser screen with illustrations of analytical data. A video streaming screen is present in the upper right hand corner.

“Ad insights is instrumental in monitoring our video ads and helps us detect ads that fail to play or are playing at low quality. With this visibility, we’ve been able to resolve issues quickly to provide the best possible viewing experiences.”

Jarred Wilichinsky, VP of Video Monetization and Operations, CBS Interactive


Do Server Side Ads Improve the Viewer Experience?


Why Ad Experience Matters (And What You Can Do About It)

Optimize network resiliency and video delivery

Improve QoE while minimizing operational CDN costs with AI-powered optimization that intelligently routes traffic among CDNs.

A blue video screen with three set of server racks in varying shades of blue above.

“We observed that rebuffering increased when we had a sporting event. We thought we had a CDN problem, but it turned out that for a sporting event, more people were pulling out their cell phones to watch.”

Director, technology roadmaps

Case study

Sky balanced quality and CDN cost resulting in fewer customer care calls and much higher viewer satisfaction levels using Conviva.

See through the eyes of each viewer

Uncover patterns and correlations across viewer sessions for faster root cause analysis, performance optimization, and minute-level analysis of session events.

A stack of icons flowing downward, starting with a blue character, an outlined pie chart, a bar graph, a monitor graph, a smaller vertical line graph and ending with a streaming video screen.

“Conviva’s outstanding integration services and customer support, unparalleled data accuracy, and market leading product capabilities have greatly improved the experience we provide our customers across multiple media channels and provides us with a single source of truth across the business.”

Jose Tovar, Director, Mediaset Spain


The Woes of Device Fragmentation and What to Do About It

Make everyone happy

Exceed expectations by identifying impacted viewers for proactive nurture campaigns and empower customer care agents with the most relevant viewer data for faster call resolution.

A silhouette of a person viewing a buffering screen. That person is facing an outlined person with a headset and looking a screen full of data.

Report: Forrester

7% reduction in time-to-resolution for QoE issues by delivering viewer performance data directly to customer care agents


Transform your Customer Care Experience with Conviva + Salesforce

“Automatically populating support tickets inside of ServiceNow [with Conviva data] will dramatically reduce operational overhead. With this visibility we can spend more time addressing issues and less time documenting.”

Juan Rojo, Head of Incident Management at DAZN

Know where you stand

Benchmark your performance for QoE optimization, live-event planning, and product investment.

A stack of data holders with three outlined on the bottom and one solid colored section leaning outwards to the lefthand side. The top section is also outlined.

“Conviva’s data allows us to benchmark our streaming quality to gauge if we’re on the right path and helps highlight areas for improvement.”

Tone Krohn Clausen, Director Product & Digital, Canal Digital


Benchmark the Performance of Every Stream

Case study

National broadcaster

Experiment for continual improvement

Understand exactly how devices and content are performing and optimize viewer experience through A/B testing and analysis.

Two outlined play screens paired with bar charts overtop. The two outlined screens lead downwards via a dashed pathway to solid blue video screen.

“We are extremely grateful for the really well described process of how to go about validating, so that every time we do a new player release with the Conviva SDK we have a really well understood sequence of steps we have to go through and we are able to get support from Conviva.”

Bryce Fisher-Fleig, CBS, Lead Video Software Engineer


Business Benefits Enabled by Conviva

“We’ve been doing it so long that it is really core to our process. It’s been years since we brought something out without [Conviva].”

SVP, Product

Build a better business

Train your data models and machine learning algorithms with the most reliable QoE data available via export or integrations.

A blue hexagon surrounded by a vertical line graph, a video screen illustration and a monitor graph.

“Conviva’s comprehensive streaming measurement data has been a trusted source of truth for our streaming platform.”

Tone Krohn Clausen, Chief Product and Digital Officer, Canal Digital


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