With subscriber retention and billions of dollars on the line, you need a surefire way to understand and improve your audience’s experience to keep them coming back for more.

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You’re here because you want answers and need to solve problems, now.

That’s why we built a streaming analytics platform that ensures you can see all your data in one place. Trust it, ask it anything without wasting time interrogating or interpreting raw data, dive as deep as you like, surface automated insights, get AI alerts that reveal answers to questions you didn’t know to ask, and find ways to fix issues in the moment, before they become problems.

All this and more is possible with Experience Insights.

In the last 12 months, customers have used Experience Insights to reduce operational and technology costs 33%, increase ad revenue 18%, lower subscriber churn 10%, and confidently launch streaming services into new and existing markets.

With Conviva, we have a much deeper understanding of what, where, when, and how our viewers are streaming. As we continue investing in the evolution of WarnerMedia and unlocking opportunities for growth across our brands, Conviva will remain a strategic partner for us.

- Robert Jones, VP Data Platforms and Strategy Operations, WarnerMedia

Every viewer, every device, every second.

The world of streaming is complex and fragmented, with data pouring in from thousands of sources and no two devices reporting the same information. Conviva puts the power directly in the hands of those who can take action to optimize the business. Experience Insights guarantees that what you’re seeing and acting on is tied to your users’ real world experience.

Adapt to ecosystem changes

Ingest data from anywhere, on any device, in any format with a lightweight, open sensor that doesn’t require constant SDK updates for every little ecosystem change.

Act on data you can

Clean, normalize, standardize, and validate all your data to guarantee accurate and actionable insights and operational efficiency.

Understand the full context

No more tunnel vision. Quickly and accurately model real-world events and behaviors in context so you can improve every viewer’s experience.

Identify root causes

Transform massive amounts of metadata into actionable root causes with just three clicks.

Make the right decisions

Find hidden patterns in viewer and system behaviors, to eliminate blind spots for your business.


Intelligent video streaming data analytics.

Built on the Conviva streaming analytics platform, Experience Insights automates the monitoring and optimization of streaming services across every viewer, device, and platform around the world so you can increase engagement, retention, and revenue.

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Resolve issues faster

Anticipate and respond while viewers are still watching to solve performance and reliability issues with automated detection, diagnostics, and root cause analysis.

Lower operational cost

Create a single pane of glass and reduce support and big data computation costs, eliminating the need for additional diagnostics tools and resources.

Increase viewer engagement

Optimize experiences and increase minutes watched based on viewer preferences and behaviors.

Increase ad and subscriber revenue

Reduce churn and identify opportunities to increase ad fill rate, attract lookalike audiences, encourage viewership, and more.

Product Features

Make streaming data actionable.

Experience Insights delivers everything you need to create and capitalize on a truly premium video experience for your viewers across the globe.


Measure everything

Get real-time and comprehensive ingestion of data from multiple data sources anywhere in the world via extremely lightweight SDK.


Time-State Metrics

Fine-grained and actionable metrics that know the difference between viewer-induced, device-induced, connection-induced, business logic behaviors, and more.


The Industry-leading KPI

Identify and fix issues that impact engagement, subscriber, and advertising revenue with our industry benchmark.


Immediate actionability

Quickly analyze and drill down to act on issues that negatively impact experience and engagement metrics, with full context for deep root cause analysis.


Increase ad revenue

Detect and diagnose issues negatively impacting ad delivery and experiences for higher advertising revenue.


Know your audience

See everything there is to know about your audience, from how they got to your content to what they’re watching.


Act faster

AI algorithms and AI-driven alerts surface anomalous events and insights pointing out issues you may not even know you should be
looking for.


Insight delivered

Share and exchange data with any system, anytime.

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Conviva has repeatedly set the standards for real-time media intelligence and does it again now with the latest generation of Experience Insights.

- Christine Weber, ​Senior VP of Engineering at Sling

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