What Is Census-Based Measurement vs Survey?

In the realm of app and video streaming metrics, census-based measurements and surveys represent distinct approaches to gathering valuable insights. A census-based measurement involves collecting data from every individual in the population, providing a comprehensive and accurate overview of your user behavior, preferences, and streaming patterns. This method ensures that no subset of your audience is overlooked, offering a detailed snapshot of your entire user base. This is a similar approach to how Conviva’s Operational Data Platform measures every second of every stream, for every viewer on your service.

On the other hand, surveys, while providing valuable qualitative information, involve sampling a smaller subset of your users and relying on their responses to infer trends across the larger population. While census-based measurements offer a more exhaustive understanding for many strategic and tactical applications in an app or video streaming enterprise, surveys also provide in-depth qualitative data and feedback. The choice between these methods often depends on the specific goals, resources, and precision required in evaluating the performance and user experience of app and video streaming services.