Ten examples of brands already CRUSHING IT on IGTV with Vertical Video

Mike Metzler

June 29, 2018

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IGTV has only been out for a week but that hasn’t stopped brands from jumping in head first. Through this first few days we have already tracked millions of views from brands from all industries.

In this article we’ve complied 10 examples of brands doing it best on IGTV so far. 

What do we define as best? These brands are:

  1. taking time to create for the platform in a way that makes their content feel right at home
  2. are not uploading horizontal video
  3. are the taking proper time to edit for vertical
  4. are posting videos longer than 60 seconds. 

1) Louis Vuitton

Their 12 minute Men’s Spring Summer 2019 fashion show is perhaps the most visually impressive video on the entire platform. Their video from start to finish seems to have been made for vertical viewing. It’s a great example of how to really take advantage of your environment to make something special. Louis Vuitton gets it. 

2) Buzzfeed

It’s no surprise that Buzzfeed is already killing it on IGTV as they’ve had a bit of a head start. Buzzfeed has been making vertical videos for Snapchat Discover for nearly two years. They have already started uploading multiple videos all edited for vertical viewing.

Maybe the cutest hamster win! 😍

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3) Cheddar

The first post-cable network has taken to editing some of their most visually stimulating videos into bite size (3 – 4 min) informative segments.  

4) CBSThisMorning

One of the first major network shows to jump immediately in to IGTV with multiple videos. While the footage for the stories is clearly from horizontal broadcasts, it’s been edited well and overlays have been specifically designed for vertical viewing. The stories that have been published seem to have been chosen for their ability to show well on vertical screens. I mean a story on Yellowstone Geysers, is there a more perfect subject for a vertical story? Sign us up.

5) Tastemade

Your favorite guilty pleasure recipe videos made vertical. You already know what it is and you know you’re going to be addicted.

6) Food Network

The OG cooking channel isn’t ready to let Tastemade declare vertical video supremacy over making your mouth water. The Food Network has already dropped 6 quality IGTV videos that are more than just recipes.

7) Netflix

Netflix has only uploaded one video so far, but it’s clear they understand IGTV possibly better than anyone. Here, in all it’s glory, their one, hour long video.

for your viewing pleasure

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8) Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon is using IGTV for a variety of reasons including repurposing vertical live streams and interviewing influencer/Double Dare host Liza Koshy about her new show.

9) MTV

Another publisher (and Delmondo customer) who has already been killing it with vertical video for a while now thanks to Snapchat Discover. Expect celebrities, musicians, funny stories and as much pop culture as you can handle.

10) BBC Earth

The two videos currently on BBC Earth are everything a nature lover could ever hope for. One is a 40 min cut of Our Blue Planet and the other is the Iguana VS Snakes beach scene from Planet Earth 2 painstakingly edited so every shot seems like it was meant for a phone. 


BONUS – Bacardi 

While technically their first foray into IGTV won’t come until June 30th, we couldn’t be more excited. The alcoholic beverage brand’s first video will be a music video featuring @OfficialLesTwins, whom have nearly a million followers on Instagram. The dancing duo will ask their following, starting Jun 29, where they should take the video by asking their followers to vote on IG stories. The results of the story will be edited together with Bacardi unveiling the final video on their IGTV on June 30th at noon.

Be sure to check their story today!

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