Introducing Paid Social Analytics for Facebook and Instagram Ads

By Nick Cicero

July 31, 2020


Today we’re excited to announce the addition of Paid Social analytics for Facebook and Instagram Ads in Conviva Social Insights.

The world of social media has provided many opportunities for organizations big and small to create communities and publish content to be seen by millions. However, the landscape has changed, and marketers aren’t just using social to organically grow their audience and content engagement, they’re using robust advertising tools provided by social platforms to achieve business objectives including:

  1. Converting users from a social media platform into an owned environment, such as growing subscribers of a streaming service
  2. Driving conversion for commerce – selling season tickets, merchandise or other experiences and products
  3. Monetization for partners – Promoting content produced for an advertiser (branded content) targeted to specific audiences
  4. Increasing awareness at scale – Grow views or engagements on a piece of content they have created/published to social (e.g. boost the views on a video)

Introducing Paid Social Analytics for Instgram and Facebook

For many social media marketers, the world of paid and organic social posts are two different planets. Analysis of social ads are regulated to the social platform’s backend or specialized ad tools, with organic post analysis done elsewhere.

The new Facebook and Instagram Ads integration from Conviva Social Insights helps marketers everywhere:

  • Unify Social Ad Measurement: Streamline the measurement of Facebook and Instagram Ads + Organic Social Posts in a single platform. Marketers can seamlessly toggle between Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads with aesthetic visualizations surfacing critical KPIs in an intuitive way. This empowers social managers to clearly demonstrate the ROI on their social campaigns to optimize budgets and better allocate resources accordingly.
  • Grow Social Ad Engagement: Seamlessly understand which social ads drive the highest engagement, CTR or the lowest CPM for your business to make stickier content and convert more customers.
  • Accelerate Branded Content Insights: Gain a complete picture of your social campaigns by viewing Paid and Organic metrics within campaign reports. Activate additional sponsorship and advertising opportunities as these enriched viewers can then be segmented and activated for additional sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

We’re excited to help organizations use data to connect social content performance to their unique business outcomes. With the launch of Paid Social Analytics, marketers can easily separate the wheat from the chaff to identify new opportunities to optimize their paid social campaigns.

If you’re interested in learning more about these new paid social analytics, or the full Conviva Social Insights platform to measure content across Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok®, click here to reach out to our team. We’d love to chat.