Conviva Benchmarks

Global big data that offers real business intelligence

Conviva Experience Benchmarks solves many strategic planning and performance assessment use cases, including:

Streamlining Strategic Decisions

Identify new opportunities for device or geographic expansion, and estimate the KPIs you can reasonably achieve.

Negotiating Vendor Relationships

Structure optimal CDN and ISP peering relationships in different regions.

Growing Your Leadership Position

Benchmark your performance against top publishers to target your investments.

Conviva Experience Benchmarks

Conviva Experience Benchmarks empowers customers to understand global OTT best practices, compete in local regions, and seize future market opportunities. To do this, Conviva transforms 50 billion streams in 180 countries annually into rich, interactive and actionable dashboards by aggregating multiple dimensions and calculating key experience metrics using advanced statistical techniques.

Download the Experience Benchmarks Overview: