Social Insights Leaderboard: Fitness

By Mike Metzler

April 29, 2021

From fit-fluencers to gyms to home workout services, the fitness industry has gone through a transformation in the past year as gyms were shuttered and services forced wholly online. Couple that with the rise of athome streaming workout programs like Peloton and Beachbodyand it’s clear to see the industry is in the midst of a digital transformation 

Because of this transformation, social media accounts for gyms and fitness programs have had to adapt to stay relevant. It’s not enough to provide informational content on social channels. Fitness accounts need to produce new value in the form of entertainment or classes that are hard to find or uniqueWhether this is utilizing onscreen celebrity talent, such as the now famous Peloton instructors, or providing live streamed classes from their YouTube channelfitness accounts have had to up their game.  

Top Fitness Social Accounts by Cross Platform audience


Wlooked at the fitness list in our Conviva Social Insights Leaderboard over the past 30 days to see who is doing it best. In terms of cross-platform audience, the established Zumba Fitness is far ahead with nearly 13 million followers, followed by CrossFit and Planet Fitness. The leaderboard shows that, in terms of audience, it’s still anyone’s game as the top 10 accounts feature workout programs, workout equipment, services, fitness retailers, and on-demand at-home workout programs. 

Top 10 Fitness Account Ranking by Cross Platform Audience

  1. Zumba Fitness – 12.9m
  2. CrossFit – 6.3m
  3. Planet Fitness – 5.2m
  4. Rogue Fitness – 5.2m
  5. Fitbit – 4.1m
  6. Beachbody – 3.7m
  7. Peloton – 2.5m
  8. Strava – 2.1m
  9. GNC – 2.1m
  10. Sweat – 1.9m

Top Fitness Social Account social share facebook twitter instagram youtube


Fitness accounts audience makeup is primarily concentrated on Facebook with 54% share of followers with Instagram in second at 32%. Interestingly, fitness accounts seem to be one of the few industries in our Leaderboard lists that have a larger YouTube share of audience than Twitter. CrossFit has the largest following of the fitness accounts with 1.6m subscribers on YouTube where they have posted over 5000 videos. The CrossFit channel is a mix of workouts, CrossFit Games highlights, warmup routines, and interviews.  

The top piece of content in the last 30 days goes to Peloton for the announcement of their Justin Bieber ride on Instagram. This post generated a 4.6% engagement rate with 415k views and 67k likes. The average Instagram engagement rate for the fitness Leaderboard list during this timeframe was .59%.   

Conviva's Social Insights Leaderboard: Fitness - Top Content (Peleton Justin Beiber Anouncement)

As the fitness industry follows fan demand into fully digital, always-on programs, it will be harder for brands to keep attention and capture new audiences. With the right perspective and cross-platform data, fitness brands can understand what their members want, reach new subscribers, know what their closest competitors are up to, and develop better social strategies to thrive in this new digital world.     

This data was sourced from the Conviva Social Leaderboards – Fitness Brands Leaderboard. Our cross-platform social leaderboard product ranks social accounts based on industry using various social metrics across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. To get a demo of our Social Leaderboard or request a free trial visit here.  

The time frame analyzed for this blog was March 28, 2021 – April 27, 2021.