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You’re a busy media company with content appearing on multiple platforms, including the ever increasing variety of social media channels like Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, TikTok, YouTube, and more. It’s hard enough to keep track of views and engagement, not to mention how your video content stacks up against the millions of other businesses, brands, and influencers also promoting themselves in social media streaming. That’s why Conviva has taken the legwork and the guesswork out of collecting this information with the social leaderboard and research tools incorporated in our Social Insights platform. With our help, you can save valuable time while also refining your strategy for advancing the visibility of your company and viewer engagement with your branded content.

Conviva Social Insights works to provide the robust competitor intelligence across the social universe that can help you discover what accounts, posts and videos are performing the best and analyze why. What’s more, Social Insights offers you an easy leaderboard and research tool for monitoring the performance of your brand and streamed videos in comparison with your competitors. You can make the leaderboard work for you with filters for observing the performance of specific content over a set timeframe. You can also choose to monitor all social channels, or specific ones with more impact on your brand.

Benefits of Our Social Leaderboard & Research Intelligence

Your Key Performance Benchmarks

Our Social Insights Leaderboard empowers you to track key performance indicators like engagement, engagement rate, views, audience growth, etc. Quickly and easily generate benchmarks for your own accounts, to understand which content performs the best and create strategies for more content with that kind of power. You can also benchmark industry leaders in multiple areas to compare your performance. These insights into your performance before, during, and after key events/campaigns are a major key for understanding how your content can move the needle.

Your Ranking against the Competition

Use our leaderboard to inform you at one glance how your organization stacks up in the industry. Explore and monitor your competitors across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube (or all at once). You can keep track of monthly performance, or set custom date ranges so you can understand trends over time. 

Your Finger on the Pulse of Social Media

For even more refined intelligence, Social Insights offers you Post Search, a content research tool that tracks public social posts, images and videos across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in one simple interface. You can use this tool to search for words or phrases relevant to your brand, as well as filter content by platform and/or type. Through the process, you will surface high-performing posts across metrics like video views, engagements, and engagement rate. Additionally, you can discover mentions of your brand, your shows, your players, or more to see what the industry is saying about your content.

“The Conviva Leaderboards will be very beneficial to benchmarking our social performance against other teams in the NFL. Not only will it give a high-level view of the league’s footprint and performance, but also breaks down individual teams’ engagement, follower growth, etc. which can be ranked against each other. In addition, the adjustable, custom timeframe of these metrics makes it possible to single out one important day in the league versus month-by-month performance.”
— Gabrielle Timmen, Digital Media Analyst, Kansas City Chiefs
“It would be a mistake to assume we can keep our heads down and only pay attention to our own metrics. By establishing benchmarks within the full context of the sports and entertainment world, we have an enhanced ability to make strategic decisions to serve existing Eagles fans and to create new ones.”
— Samantha Wood, Director of Digital and Social, Philadelphia Eagles
“We have made a large commitment to developing our YouTube strategy. Having good analytical and competitive insights will help us to program our channel better and ultimately provide our fans with an improved experience. We look forward to utilizing Conviva’s new product to help meet these goals.”
— Jeremy Zimmer, Sr. Director of Digital, Cleveland Browns

Capitalize on the Power of Social Media

These social leaderboard and performance research tools can offer your business powerful, actionable insights on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You’ll be able to identify successful themes within your industry to drive your own content creation, as well as retain existing audiences while creating new followers.

You’ll also understand which of your own and your competitors’ posts perform the best around key industry events and – more importantly – why they hit those benchmarks. This will allow your content strategies to be optimized for future peak performance, as you discover how your chosen content can deliver against a specific vertical. With so many valuable insights, delivered in an easy-to-digest format with our social leaderboard, you’ll find your business creating the branded content that exceeds advertiser and rival benchmarks.

Social Insights is already empowering so many brands to track their social media performance. Why fall behind the pack when you can easily make our social leaderboard and research tools your own? Contact us today for more information and free demo.

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