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Streamline your social

Spend less time aggregating, more time influencing.

Campaign management

Save time, see everything

Aggregate all your social video, story, post, and audience data into custom automated reports for organic and paid social campaigns.

Paid Social Measurement

Branded Content Reporting

“Where Conviva has stepped in and helped us out is that a lot of the campaigns we are running do have paid and organic placements and being able to combine that and pull that reporting has helped our team expedite that reporting process a lot.”

Zak Damman, Director of Digital Activation, Learfield IMG College

Publishing on streaming and social? Understand consumption across platforms.

Viewer Insights

Content optimization

Understand what’s working

Identify top performing content across themes, video lengths, platforms, watch times, and demographics to increase your brand engagement.

Automated Tagging

“Conviva is our #1 go-to tool and embedded in our business. It’s so much easier to understand and track the social metrics than with other tools. We’re able to build a finely-tuned content machine, because of what we see is working through Conviva.”

Jen Burns, Social Media Manager, Cisco
Competitive Benchmarking

Know your score

See what’s winning across your brands and rivals with preconfigured industry categories, or create your own leaderboard lists to benchmark any public accounts you want.


“Conviva Leaderboards are very beneficial to benchmarking our social performance against other teams in the NFL. Not only does it give a high-level view of the league’s footprint and performance, but also breaks down individual teams’ engagement, follower growth, etc.”

Gabrielle Timmen, Digital Media Analyst, Kansas City Chiefs
Conversion and attribution

Quantify your ROI

What moved the needle? Demonstrate what impacts your social efforts are having on the business.

Campaign Reporting

“Conviva Social Insights has made investing resources and time into Instagram Stories a no brainer. By seeing the data day in and day out, we continue to see growth and consumption of our content, and it’s very easy to adjust on the fly.”

Chris Dion, Associate Director of Digital and Social Media, NCAA

Ready for a better way to measure the effectiveness of your social media?