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Streaming better begins with Conviva.

Build your audience

Acquire and energize viewers everywhere you stream.

Social, Content, and Marketing Teams

10% increase in viewer acquisition

30% reduction in time spent aggregating data

Viewer Insights

Social Insights

Deliver flawless streaming

Address issues in real time to keep viewers engaged.

TechOps, Engineering, and Product Teams

40% reduction in CDN costs

50% increase in ops efficiency

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Experience Insights

Stream Sensor™

Make more money

Leverage data and targeting to increase your value.

Publishers and Advertising Teams

50% increase in reserve buy CPM

15% increase in programmatic CPM

Advertising Insights

Stream ID™

Keep everyone happy

Use actionable insights and seamless integrations to keep customers tuned in.

Customer Care, Developers, and Data Scientist Teams

5% reduction in churn

144 hours saved annually per customer care agent


Stream CDP™

How it works

Stream Sensor™

  • Unique cross-device collection
  • Real-time data ingest from sensor and cloud sources
  • Cleaned and normalized ingested data
  • Computed video and metrics metadata
  • Optimized data warehouse for instant storage and access


Stream ID™

  • Consistent across platforms and brands
  • Persistent, high fidelity, household ID
  • Privacy-safe and de-identified for a cookieless world
  • Coverage for authenticated and anonymous traffic
  • Activation throughout marketing and advertising ecosystem

Stream CDP™

  • A holistic awareness of everything known about each and every customer
  • The most valuable information about customers standardized, cleansed, and surfaced
  • Insights to fuel intelligent, informed, and personalized customer experiences across every touch point