WEBINAR: How Does TikTok® Fit Into Your Social Measurement Strategy?

Featuring The Miami Dolphins

June 4, 2020

how doe tiktok fit into your social measurement strategy

TikTok® is quickly becoming a must-have social network for brands. More than 75% of the sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS have accounts and many are already putting up serious numbers. As more teams and organizations spend time and resources on TikTok®, there becomes an increased need to measure and quantify results on the platform.

Now, as the platform hits 2 billion downloads, it’s also clear that things are beginning to change. Brands are taking the platform seriously and what was previously a “side project”, has shifted into a platform of priority and of place of intense competition.  One thing brands are doing to get ahead is starting to pay attention to their TikTok® analytics. However, for brands and sports organizations with limited time, tracking TikTok® analytics manually is not a quick, fun, or easy task.

We talked with the Miami Dolphins to see how they are incorporating TikTok® into their overall social measurement strategy to create a comprehensive picture of social success. Also answered in the webinar:

  • How are they tracking their TikTok® analytics
  • What metrics are most important
  • What type of sports content resonates best on TikTok®
  • Why TikTok® is here to stay


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