Cost Savings with Conviva

From diagnosing service issues to having limited insight into a user’s experience and expensive call center costs, publishers face frequent challenges on a daily basis.

Many decision-makers end up using feedback from focus groups or customer surveys to understand their customers’ viewing experiences and aren’t able to really verify the source of service issues. This creates an inaccurate, fractured, and untimely picture of quality of experience (QoE).

Additionally, most publishers want to separate QoE reporting from content delivery networks (CDNs) so they can compare across providers based on cost and quality.

Publishers need a solution that has:

  • Reliable, comprehensive, third-party performance metrics
  • Customer-level QoE metrics
  • Real-time, end-to-end analytics

Conviva is the solution.

According to the Forrester: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Conviva report, companies that use Conviva to deliver better video experiences also realized reduced capital expenses, reduced CDN costs, reduced call center operation costs, and reduced cost of reporting among business units.

Reduced Capital Expense

Cost savings: $223.8K

After implementing Conviva, managers reported that, in addition to the reduced time-to-diagnostics, they could identify the cause of service or experience issues. This meant they no longer had to make investments that didn’t address the root cause of the problem.

Reduced CDN Costs

Cost savings: $671.5K

Managers who were interviewed for the report expressed that Conviva’s QoE analytics and insights enabled their organizations to compare CDN performance and then activate CDNs based on quality and price. This transparency helped them negotiate a 50% reduction in cost.

Teams could also work with multiple CDNs and optimize CDN selection without the need for operations team members to intervene.

“Implementing the third-party QoE was the first step to be able to say to our CDN providers, ‘If you are able to deliver that quality, and you are competitive on price, we will give you more traffic.’”  — VP of engineering

Reduced Costs of Operating Call Center

Cost savings: $564K

Call centers can be a huge cost center, but the faster that customer service representatives (CSRs) can resolve calls, the more efficient call centers can be. It’s essential to be able to diagnose issues quickly, know as much as possible about the caller’s experience beforehand, and recommend the right solutions. But CSRs must be armed with accurate and complete data to do this.

With Conviva’s data, managers reported that on average, a CSR’s time spent answering customer calls decreased by 144 hours annually, resulting in fewer and shorter customer service calls and, ultimately, reduced costs of operating a call center.

Reduced Cost of Reporting Across Multiple Business Units

Cost savings: $531.6K

Streaming data is extremely valuable for multiple business units within an organization, but often the data isn’t easily collected or sharable. Conviva’s dashboard relieves analysts of the difficult and time-consuming effort to create reports across teams, especially when it comes to content viewership, engagement, and conversion across streaming platforms and social media. By combining streaming content and viewer data with social media data, teams throughout a business can get a complete, accurate view of their service, their customer, and their content.

The full Forrester report found that an organization can experience nearly $3.6 million in benefits over three years, adding up to a net value of more than $2.8 million and an ROI of 340%.

To learn more about how Conviva can save you money, download the Forrester: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Conviva report.

In our next blog, we explored the business benefits enabled by Conviva.