How Publishers can Lead the Measurement Revolution

How we create and consume content, how we reach and engage with audiences, and even the technology we use have all evolved from even just five years ago. Yet, the measurement systems used to analyze content, ads, and audiences have remained widely the same.

Connected TV (CTV), for instance, still relies on antiquated yardsticks that worked when television was simply hardware, but publishers and advertisers now must keep up with sophisticated technology and CTV’s equally savvy consumer. As a result of this legacy thinking, CTV deals are based on outmoded, incomplete, and sometimes outright misleading information.

“Bad data creates bad deals—for both buyers and sellers.”- Kelly Abcarian, EVP of Measurement and Impact at NBC Universal at the recent Audience x Science ARF event

As the internet comes of age and people are increasingly flocking to streaming where brands can have direct relationships with consumers, content providers are in a unique position to lead the measurement revolution. NBCU calls it “measurement independence,” which is essentially the ability to choose different KPIs that actually reflect the value of deals, to find the best solutions for consumers that also meet the needs of advertisers, and to make measurement choices that drive greater value and create better content.

But how can publishers and advertisers achieve this measurement independence?

Embrace the collective opportunity 

“Right now, we probably spend 80% of the time focused on addressing the current system’s failures and only 20% of the time for developing new solutions…What if we replace the legacy playbook with a suite of solutions that work for everybody, not just for the next few years, but for the next century? Fortunately, we don’t have to imagine this any longer…By evaluating and partnering with innovative companies we’re trying to take on the industry’s problems by embracing the opportunities that are right in front of us.” – Kelly Abcarian, EVP of Measurement and Impact at NBCU

Instead of shoehorning old measurement solutions and unwieldy tech like ad logs, third-party pixels, data management platforms (DMPs), and customer data platforms (CDPs), with this change in mindset, the industry can finally measure 100% of the audience rather than infer from sampled or smaller subset as well as leverage data around the entire session, including content and ad metadata, in a consistent way.

Customer obsession is key

The right measurement solution can solve data problems while also vastly improving the total consumer experience, which is really the most valuable outcome of measurement.

Conviva’s Stream Sensor, for instance, is deployed on four billion videos across 500 million unique viewers watching 200 billion streams per year and measures the whole consumer experience, including the actual reach and frequency for any ad on any stream. Publishers and advertisers can know who their consumer is, how often they see an ad, and most importantly, their experience with it.

“With Conviva, we can solve the problem of CTV and digital fragmentation and truly accelerate our ability to be consumer obsessed by delivering better ad experiences.” – Kelly Abcarian, EVP of Measurement and Impact at NBCU

Only tech can solve tech problems 

“We know the problem all too well. The mismatch between old measurement and new technology…Yet our solutions have been less than imaginative. We have hampered the amazing opportunity CTV offers us all by force-fitting old measurement approaches, and we’ve focused on ad delivery while the viewer experience has suffered.” – Kelly Abcarian, EVP of Measurement and Impact at NBCU

Only by harnessing the power of technology to produce more complete, accurate, holistic measurement can publishers and advertisers really solve the complex identity, quality of experience, and ad consumption problems of the digital world.

“[Conviva] improves the viewing experience for all content including ads, and that same AI that can solve a consumer’s rebuffering issue can also serve up an ad based on context, that way the ad’s content matches the show, multiplying the effectiveness of both.” – Kelly Abcarian, EVP of Measurement and Impact at NBCU

To truly understand, engage, and monetize modern viewers, publishers must lead the measurement revolution by investing in innovation and embracing new measurement players to gain visibility and unparalleled intelligence.

Watch Kelly Abcarian’s full presentation or contact us to learn more.