Study: Streaming Viewing Up 266% Over Last 3 years

November 4, 2021

In Conviva’s State of Streaming Report for Q3 2021, not only did global streaming increase by 21% in the quarter, but time spent streaming in North America grew by 2%.

CEO of Conviva, Keith Zubchevich, says, “Streaming viewing has grown 266% over the past three years, completely transforming the entertainment, publishing and advertising industries…Topics like quality of experience, advertising measurement, and social engagement are now top of mind and the publishers that effectively leverage opportunities to improve in these areas will not only lead the industry in subscribers and viewer satisfaction but also revenue.”

As more and more quarterly earnings reports get released, we are seeing major highs as well as major lows for streaming service platforms and their respective parent companies. It’s clear that those who strive for engagement, captivating advertising, and the obvious release of new and entertaining content, subscribers are flocking to these services that aim for viewer satisfaction.

A couple of services that have seen a lot of success recently are Roku and Pluto TVPluto TV reached 54 million global users at the end of Q3 2021 whereas, Roku went up by 1.3 million subscribers and a total of 18 billion streaming hours.

It’s also no surprise that Netflix subscriber total went up 4.38 million, a 9% increase since last year. Netflix is a master at this point for adding original content that becomes internet sensations overnight (“Squid Game,” “Bridgerton,” “The Queen’s Gambit,” etc.).

Hulu has improved also, mainly due to its increase in advertising revenue, higher revenue from add-ons, and raising Hulu + Live TV’s price.

All in all, these streaming services know the meaning of premium quality experience and the best ways to please their subscribers.

Another development was in regard to buffering. In the North American region, buffering was reduced by 29% compared to last year. The continent continues to claim its title of having the least buffering with a result of 0.19%. Conviva also reported that picture quality made gains with bitrate improving in every region.

Based on the fact that 82% of North Americans stream their content on big screens, we can conclude that this is the reason behind clear picture quality—especially with the rise of connected TV devices, 4k/8k televisions, UHD, etc. In comparison, other devices like mobile phones (8%), desktops (6%), and tablets (4%), were barely used. The top devices across the globe were Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung TV.