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New Conviva Data Shows Global Streaming Up 20% With Daytime Viewing Up 40% During Covid-19 Crisis

Conviva’s COVID-19 Streaming Report Details Recent Streaming Growth, the New Primetime and the Explosion of Social News Video

April 2, 2020

Conviva, the leader in global streaming media intelligence, released its COVID-19 Streaming Report today, revealing streaming viewing climbed sharply in recent weeks, up nearly 30% in the Americas (26% in U.S.) and 20% globally as viewers began adhering to strict social distancing guidelines. Daytime viewing tallied the largest increases in time spent viewing, with the 10am-5pm window up nearly 40% as homebound viewers stream news, shows and movies throughout the day.

“The last three weeks have dramatically changed how we work, socialize and interact. As we all adjust to the new normal, streaming and social video have become even more important to many American households,” said Bill Demas, CEO of Conviva. “While the circumstances are unique and the shifting primetime is surprising, the streaming growth is not. We anticipate streaming providers will retain new viewers long after the coronavirus crisis has ended, as viewers embrace the variety and flexibility of the medium.”


Shifting Primetime

As viewers watched more streaming content throughout the day, viewing peaks shifted from typical primetime hours (8pm-10pm) to earlier in the day. The daytime window (10am-5pm) saw the biggest increase, up 39% between March 9th and March 23rd. Surrounding times also saw a lift, with the early morning hours up 26% and pre-primetime early fringe up 20%. Notably, with a 2% drop, primetime was the only window where viewing was down.

Specific increases in daytime viewing hours were as follows:

  • 10am – 38%
  • 11am – 43%
  • 12pm – 42%
  • 1pm and 2pm – 41%
  • 3pm – 37%
  • 4pm – 33%


Streaming Increases Globally; Regional Numbers Vary

In the U.S., streaming viewing hours increased 25.6% between March 3rd and March 23rd and 17.4% from March 10th to the 23rd. Globally, streaming viewing hours were up 20.7% between March 3rd and March 23rd, and 14.7% from March 10th to the 23rd.

Global growth was led by the Americas and Oceania, up nearly 27% each within a two week period, as well as Africa, which was up nearly 33%. Europe saw a smaller lift as compared to two weeks prior, up only 2.2% over the same time period, but has seen larger increases in recent days with the launch of Disney+. Asia, historically a mobile-first streaming market, netted a decline, down 10% as viewers stay home.


News is Local and Social

Increasingly people are tuning into Facebook and YouTube to watch news videos as viewers look for status updates on COVID-19 restrictions, cases and general health information within their local community.

Conviva analyzed the performance of over one thousand news outlets on social media to determine how a recent 30-day block (Feb 21-March 23) compared to the prior 30 days. Viewing for local news outlets on Facebook saw exponential growth, with total video views up 247% and an average increase of 118% in views per video. Local news organizations increased Facebook posts by 19% and videos by 7% during this same period.

Despite the increase in local news posts and viewership on Facebook, Twitter led in viewer engagement with a 196% increase in average engagements per video and a 63% increase in overall engagement rate for local news accounts.

YouTube, a platform typically known more for its views than engagements, also saw a surge in likes, dislikes and comments on videos. The engagement rate for global news and local news accounts both jumped over 50% in the past 30 days.


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