Case Study


PlayStation™Vue Outshines Premium Streaming TV Providers in the U.S. According to Conviva

Measuring One Stream at a Time

As global streaming video content adoption is on the rise, streaming TV providers are pushed to deliver more content than ever while exceeding viewer expectations for streaming quality. And as consumers have more streaming service options to choose from, delivering best-in-class viewer experience is critical.

Conviva is the real-time measurement and intelligence platform for streaming TV, with a global footprint of measuring 50 billion streams per year across 3 billion streaming video applications from over 200 premium live and VOD streaming TV services. This represents the largest multi-publisher, independent census data collection and measurement network in the world. Conviva continuously measures key shifts and audience behaviors across its publisher network, which consistently demonstrated that streaming TV providers must offer both a high-quality streaming experience and a breadth of content as the streaming TV ecosystem continues to mature and the competition intensifies.

PlayStation™Vue Delivers Best-In-Class Viewing Experience

PlayStation™Vue focused on improving overall streaming quality and viewing experiences for its subscribers, relying on independent measurement as a trusted source of accurate streaming data. Conviva’s Experience Insights, and the global data footprint that powers Conviva Experience Benchmarks were utilized by PlayStation™Vue, comparing its streaming quality against others in the industry and uncovering granular areas for improvement. PlayStation™Vue implemented a thorough viewer experience optimization strategy based on Conviva’s census-based viewer intelligence to deliver the best-in-class viewing experience for its subscribers.

The Results Are In

According to Q2 2018 data from Conviva, PlayStation™Vue is an industry leader with its rebuffering ratio of 0.36% outperforming the U.S. benchmark of 0.4% and the median of 1.12%. Buffering is a crucial KPI for the world’s top streaming TV publishers, and one of the most important indicators when it comes to increasing engagement and customer satisfaction. This places PlayStation™Vue in the 95th percentile of the U.S. streaming market, according to Conviva’s Industry Benchmark Reports.*

More notably, PlayStation™Vue’s low rebuffering ratio was achieved even while serving streaming video content at a bitrate of 4.59 Mbps, well above the industry median of 3.07 Mbps Conviva measured. Delivering high picture quality, while also keeping rebuffering down, is quite challenging and impressive when it comes to delivering video over the internet. Visit Conviva’s research page for more insights into the streaming TV industry.

*Benchmarks are computed for each country, device, and content type. The figures used in this study are for the U.S. only unless noted otherwise.