TV 2 Norway, with 92% household coverage, is the largest commercial television station in Norway. Since 2000, TV 2 has witnessed year-over-year growth in the popularity of online video due to its web TV subscription service, TV 2 Sumo, and its live TV service online, allowing Norwegian viewers to watch live simulcast channels, premium live sports coverage and thousands of hours of on-demand television programming.

“We have seen a steady increase in the amount of viewers that are coming online to watch our content. As a leader in our industry, it is critical that the experience of our online audience is equal to that of our traditional television viewers. Because Conviva enables us to monitor in real time the experience of each individual customer, we are confident that our reputation as the broadcaster Norwegians turn to for high quality remains strong.”

~ Tor-Einar Eriksen
Technical Manager, Online Distribution, TV 2 Sumo

In addition to accommodating an increased volume of online viewers, TV 2 needs to ensure every member of its online audience is met with a high-definition, high-quality experience despite the inherent volatility of the internet. TV 2 needs complete visibility into their entire video delivery chain.

To address all of TV 2’s requirements, Conviva provides continuous, real-time insights across the entire audience and online video delivery ecosystem, enabling the Norwegian broadcaster to make quick decisions to improve quality. Through a powerful diagnostics and inference engine, Conviva isolates problems in video players, delivery networks and individual browsers. Real-time alerts notify where in the delivery chain issues occur, providing for swift diagnostics to remedy the situation.

By watching each viewer every second, TV 2 is able to see first-hand as the audience gravitates towards particular content. Additionally, TV 2 has a comprehensive view into content consumption trends and quality of experience (QoE) metrics. Today, as more Norwegians turn to TV 2 for online content, they experience clear, crisp reliable video – free of buffering, stuttering and interruptions – resulting in longer viewing sessions.