Future of TV Briefing: Instagram’s IGTV may not be a star on the platform but solidifies itself in a supporting role

September 29, 2021

More than three years after its debut, IGTV accounted for 10% of in-feed posts in the first half of 2021, according to Conviva. The video measurement and analytics firm examined the feed posts — not including Instagram’s TikTok-rivaling short-form video product Reels — across more than 25,000 accounts, including 1,300 accounts that belonged to marketers, media and entertainment companies and sports organizations.

While there are a small fraction of feed posts compared to regular videos, photos and carousel posts, IGTV videos have actually gained a hold since 2019 when they represented 2% of the accounts’ feed posts. At the same time, the share of photo posts on Instagram has dipped. While photos still represented a majority of the in-feed posts published by the examined accounts, photos’ share of overall posts slipped from 56% in 2019 to 52% in 2021.

“IGTV is really important for the balance of the platform,” said Nick Cicero, vp of strategy at Conviva. Since adding the ability for people to upload videos to its app in 2013, Instagram has grown its video product portfolio with the additions of Stories and Live Stories in 2016, IGTV in 2018 and Reels in 2020.