Conviva Quarterly - January 2024


Conviva’s Operational Data Platform redefines observability for the digital era. While legacy tools deliver relevant performance metrics like uptime and page loads, they’re missing a critical component: user experience. Our Time-State Technology enables us to comprehensively map and measure everything that impacts the user’s experience, so operations teams can take instant, informed action to make sure no revenue is lost to a bad user experience.

Discover how our Operational Data Platform is pioneering the new era of experience-centric operations. Discover How >>



Our latest product enhancements make it easier to get viewers to content as fast as possible, keep them there as long as possible, and do it as cost-effectively as possible. Operations teams can act on their real-time experience data to protect the most critical moments in every user journey to increase revenue and boost operational efficiency.


Increase Sign Up Conversion

Map critical sign-up events, measure time to sign up, and identify where gaps exist in the subscription process to maximize revenue generation and user engagement.

Leverage Conviva’s semantic mapper and metric builder to set custom metrics on every step of your subscription journey. Conviva’s AI Alerts can alert operations teams if there’s any fluctuation in sign up metrics so teams can instantly resolve. Conviva’s benchmark analysis shows that when it takes viewers 2+ minutes to sign up for a new service, 52% of them will leave and evaluate competitive offerings. Unlike existing solutions you’re using, there’s no more waiting for data teams to do historical analysis – identify issues in real-time, so they don’t impact your number of new monthly subscribers. Boost Conversion >>


Alert on Authentication and Login Issues in Real-time

Conviva’s benchmark analysis across all customers shows when users experience a login failure on one platform or device, they do not return to watching that platform for at least three weeks. With real-time experience insights, your team can make improvements to your authentication and login processes, confidently experiment with new login flows, and instantly measure the impact on your user experience.

Build stateful, real-time user experience metrics like Time to Login, Login Success Rate, or Login Technical Failures to help pinpoint gaps in login process that might trap users and keep them from logging in. Conviva’s AI Alerts can notify teams when there’s a sudden uptick in Login Technical Failures or Time to Login so teams can address the issue before more users are impacted. Streamline Login >>


Speed Up Content Discovery

Conviva enables teams to build experience-centric metrics to help pinpoint bottlenecks in content discovery that might keep users from streaming. They enable your team to ask questions like: Are viewers stalling on the homepage? Is our search functionality getting users to content faster? Is the top banner asset on my homepage converting well?

With these real-time, experience-centric insights, your team can confidently test and experiment with new homepage layouts, recommendation algorithms, and search functionality to get viewers to their content faster and accelerate time to first play to ensure longer number of streaming minutes. Streamline Discovery >>


Keep Viewers Tuned In Longer

Viewers with poor video experience watch 63% less. Ops teams now have comprehensive insights to identify and resolve session-level playback issues in real-time so viewers will keep coming back. Conviva computes stateful metrics like our proprietary Streaming Performance Index (SPI), CIRR, and Video Start Failures – Technical to help your team measure every moment of a viewer’s playback experience.

Conviva’s AI alerts scan over 120 billion metrics per hour to identify potential anomalies in viewing experience with in-depth reasoning for why an alert was fired, what metrics were impacted, and potential root causes – so you don’t lose viewers to a bad experience. Optimize Streaming >>