Why a Streaming-first Technology is so Important for Your Ad Business

Running a digital video ad business is a challenge, but it’s also an increasingly important part of the monetization strategy for video content companies. It’s so challenging because first, there is the fragmented landscape of platforms where viewers are consuming content: phones, computers, and a variety of smart TV and over-the-top (OTT) devices. Second, investment strategies for video are different and more complex than those of traditional display media or linear TV, and many buyers feel they don’t have the data they need to make decisions about increase streaming investments. And third, there are different viewer expectations when it comes to video ad experiences on bigger screens. What does this all mean? Existing solutions for identity, ad data, and viewer experience just won’t cut it for companies trying to build a scaled, streaming ad business.  

Device fragmentation, coupled with large publishers who own multiple streaming applications, makes it difficult to deliver unified identity and measurement across inventory. Conviva was built to address these types of issues. We collect, clean, and normalize data to ensure consistent measurement across all end points and can quickly build a unified set of identity data for publishers from their own first-party data. While there are lots of identity solutions out there, many rely on cookies (not available on streaming devices), ACR (not available on digital devices), or other types of third-party data. Only Conviva can build a holistic model across all video endpoints with the ability to standardize the collection, cleansing, and normalization of data.    

Ad buyers are still struggling to determine how to invest on streaming platforms. According to Conviva’s 2021 State of Streaming Advertising study, only 39% of buyers said they have the data they need to confidently invest in OTT inventory. Publishers can expand buyer relationships with deeper insights and better measurement of their audiences. Conviva can help do this with insights dashboards, which provide demographic data overlaid on content. Conviva’s data as a service can provide reach and frequency reporting and viewer-level data to match with co-viewing measurement providers or attribution vendors to give advertisers a better understanding how many people they are reaching—and how effectively.  

The viewer experience continues to be an overlooked aspect of advertising on streaming platforms. Maintaining the viewers’ attention results in more effective ads and longer viewing sessions. In fact, Conviva data has uncovered that 19% of viewers will drop after just a five-second delay of ad load. Conviva is ready to support publishers by providing exceptional experience with real-time alerting to ad load issues such as buffering, slate, or incorrect bitrate to give ad ops teams a jump on troubleshooting issues before they result in viewer drop off.  

Conviva knows streaming and was built to address these major issues publishers face as they scale their advertising business across platforms and screens. With our patented Stream Sensor and Stream ID we provide best-in-class measurement, identity, and alerting solutions that will become an integral part of your tech stack.  

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